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abfallenFALL OFF / BEARING AWAYA boat falls off the wind when it points its bow further from the eye of the wind
Abtrift, dieLEEWAYThe sideways movement of the boat caused by either wind or current
Achterdeck, dasPOOP DECKA boat's aft deck
Achterknoten,derFIGURE EIGHT KNOTA knot in the form of a figure eight, placed in the end of a line
Achterleine, dieSTERN LINEA docking line leading from the stern
Achterliek, dasLEECHThe backward edge of a sail
krümmung, die
ROACHA curve out from the aft edge leech of a sail. Battens are sometimes used to help support and stiffen the roach
achternASTERNIn back of the boat, opposite of ahead (Often confused with aft)
Achterpiek, dieLAZARETTEA storage space in a boat's stern area
Achterstag, dasBACKSTAYThe stay (wire) that travels from the masthead to the stern
Aka, derAKACross beams that connect the hulls of a multihull
Ama, derAMAThe outboard hulls of a trimaran or small hull on a proa
an BordABOARDOn or within the boat
an DeckABOVE DECKOn the deck (not over it see ALOFT)
anbindenLASHTo tie something with a line
Anemometer, dasANEMOMETERDevice that measures wind velocity
Anker ist freiAWEIGHThe position of anchor as it is raised clear of the bottom
Ankerkasten, derANCHOR LOCKERLocker used to store the anchor rode and anchor
Ankerleine, die -ketteRODEThe anchor line and/or chain
Ankerplatz, derANCHORAGEA place suitable for anchoring in relation to the wind, seas and bottom
Ankerwinde, dieANCHOR WINDLASSWindlass used to assist when raising the anchor
anluvenHEADING UP, TOTo turn the bow more directly into the eye of the wind
Anstellwinkel, derANGLE OF ATTACK?
auf GrundAGROUNDWhen a boat is in water too shallow for it to float in, ie: the boat's bottom is resting on the ground
Auftrieb, derBUOYANCYThe tendency of a body to float when immersed in a fluid.
Auftrieb, der (Segel-)LIFTING RIGA sailing rig with creates an upward aerodynamic force as well as a foreward one
Auge, dasGROMMETA ring or eyelet normally used to attach a line, such as on a sail
Augspleiss, derEYE SPLICEA splice causing a loop in the end of a line, may be reinforced by a metall fitting
Ausbauchung, dieFLAREThe outward curve of a ship's hullsides
nach Lee (einer Proa)
Ausleger, derOUTRIGGERThe assembly (ama, akas, etc) that stabilizes an outrigger canoe or proa
ausschütten, ein ReffSHAKE OUTTo remove a reef from a sail
Außenborder, derOUTBOARDA detachable engine mounted on a boat's stern
Außenhaut, dieSHELL ?
außerbordsOUTBOARDToward or beyond the boat's sides
back stehen (Wind)BACKWINDEDWhen the wind pushes on the wrong side of the sail
Backstag, dasPREVENTER???
Backstag, dasRUNNING BACKSTAYAlso known as runners. Adjustable stays used to control tension on the mast
Ballast, derBALLASTA weight at the bottom of the boat to help keep it stable
Bändsel, dasMARLINEA small line
Bark, dieBARQUESailing ship with three or more masts: fore and aft rigged on aftermast, square rigged on all others
Barkentine, dieBARQUENTINESailing ship with three or more masts
Barograph, derBAROMETERAn instrument used to keep a record of atmospheric pressure
Baum, derBOOMA horizontal spar attached to the mast on one end that the bottom edge of a sail (the foot) is attached to
Baumbeschlag, derJAWSA fitting holding a boom or gaff to the mast
Baumniederholer, derBOOM VANGDownhauler for the boom
Baumstütze, dieGALLOWS FRAMEA frame used to support the boom
beidrehen(TO) HEAVE TO ?
Bermudasegel, dasBERMUDA SAILTriangular sail, set on a mast. The most common sail type today
Besan, derMIZZENThe aft mast of a ketch or yawl rigged sailboat
Beschlag, derGEARA general term for ropes, blocks, tackle and other equipment
Bett, das (gr. Koje)BERTHPlace for a person to sleep
Bilge, dieBILGEThe interior of the hull below the floor boards
Block, derBLOCKOne or more wheels with grooves in them pulleys - designed to carry a line and change the direction of its travel
Boden, der
SOLECabin or saloon floor. Also the molded fiberglass deck of a cockpit
Böe, dieSQUALLA sudden, violent wind often accompanied by rain
Boje, dieBUOYAn anchored float used for marking a position on the water or a hazard or a shoal and for mooring
Bootshaken, derBOAT HOOKA short shaft with a fitting at one end, used by the crew ot extend his reach, normally in docking situations
Breite, die (größte)BEAMThe greatest width of the boat
Breitengrad, derLATITUDEThe distance north or south of the equator measured and expressed in degrees
Brücke, die
BRIDGEControl Station, helm is really a more appropriate term for small craft
Bug, derBOWThe forward part of a boat
Buganker, derBEST BOWERAnchor which is fixed at the bow???
Bugkorb, derPULPITA place on the bow for standing, usually with a small platform and grab rail around it
Bugleine, dieBOW LINEA docking line leading from the bow
BugrichtungHEADINGThe direction in which a ship's bow points at any given time
Bugüberhang, derPROWThe part of the bow forward of where it leaves the waterline
bugwärtsFORWARDToward the bow of the boat
Bullenstander, derLAZY GUYA line attached to the boom to prevent it from accidentally jibbing
Catboot, dasCATBOATSailboat rigged with one mast and one sailsail
Cockpit, dasCOCKPITAn opening in the deck from which the boat is handled
Cockpitboden, derFLOORBOARDSThe surface of the cockpit on which the crew stand
Deck, dasDECKA permanent covering over a compartment, hull or any part thereof
Deckskante, dieRAILThe edge of a boat's deck
Dinghy, das BeibootDINGHYA small open boat. A dinghy is often used as a tender for a larger craft
Dirk, dieTOPPING LIFTA line running from the end of the boom to the top of the mast used to keep the boom from falling when the sail is not set
Dock, dasDOCKA protected water area in which ships are moored. The term is often used to denote a pier or a wharf
Draht-Stropp, dasBRIDLEA line or wire secured at both ends in order to distribute a strain between two points
driftenADRIFTLoose, not on moorings or towline, and not under power or under sail
durchgelattetFULLY BATTENEDA sailsail having battens that run the full horizontal length of the sail
Ebbe, dieEBBA receding tide
Echolot, dasECHO SOUNDERAn electrical fish finder or depth sounder
Echolot, derSOUNDINGA measurement of the depth of water
Einbaum, derDUGOUT ?
einholen (Segel)TAKE INTo remove a sail
Ende, das (einer Leine)TAIL The end of a line
entmastetDISMASTThe loss of a mast on a boat
entrollen (zB.Rollfock)UNFURLTo unfold or unroll a sail. The opposite of furl
Faden, derFATHOMSix feet
Fahrtlichter, dieRUNNING LIGHTSLights required to be shown on boats underway between sundown and sunup
Fall, dasHALYARDLine used to hoist and lower a sail
Fender, derFENDERA cushion, placed between boats, or between a boat and a pier, to prevent damage
Festmacher, der vordereHEAD FASTMooring rope leading forward from fore end of a ship
Flaschenzug, derTACKLE, PURCHASELines used with blocks in order move heavy objects
Flaschenzug, der (Talje, die)PURCHASE, TACKLETwo or more blocks connected to provide a mechanical advantage when lifting heavy objects
Flieger, derJIB TOPSAILA small jib set high on the headstay of a double headsail rig
Flunke, dieFLUKEThe palm of an anchor
Flut, dieFLOOD1) An incoming tide 2) Water covering land that is normally dry
flutenFLOODTo fill a ship with water
Fock, dieFORE SAILSail forward of the mast (jib, Genoa, spinnaker, etc)
Fock, dieJIBA fore sail
Fockbaum, derCLUBA boom on a jib or staysail
Fockhals, derTACKThe lower forward corner of a triangular sail
Fockschiene, dieJIB TRACK???
Fockstag, dasJIB STAYThe stay that the jib is hoisted on, usually the headstay
Freibord, derFREEBOARDThe minimum vertical distance from the surface of the water to the gunwale
freie PartBIGHTThe part of the rope or line, between the end and the standing part, on which a knot is formed
Fundament, das (Motor-)MOUNTStrong foundation in a boat, eg for fixing the engine
Fußliek, dasFOOTThe downward edge of a triangular sail
Fußreling, dieTOE RAILA small rail around the deck of a boat. The toe rail may have holes in it to attach lines or blocks
Gaffelbaum, derGAFF SAIL BOOMA spar that holds the top of a four sided gaff sail
Gaffelsegel, dasGAFF SAILA four sided sail used instead of a triangular main sail
Gangway, die GANGWAYA ramp, stairs, or plank that people use to board and disembark
genau rückwärtsDEAD ASTERNDirectly aft
genau vorwärtsDEAD AHEADDirectly ahead
Genua, dieGENOAA large jjib that overlaps the mast
gerade Rumpfseite z.B. bei Dory/SkiffHARD CHINEAn abrupt intersection between the hull side and the hull bottom of a boat so constructed
gierenBROACH, TOTo swing or steer off course, as when running with a quartering sea
gierenYAW, TOTo swing or steer off course, as when running with a quartering sea
Gleiten, dasPLANINGA boatis moving over the top of the water rather than through the water
Gleiter, der (Gleitrumpf)PLANING HULLA type of hull shaped to glide easily across the water at high speed
Großschot, dieMAIN SHEETThe line used to control the mainsail
Großsegel, dasMAIN SAILThe largest spar supported sail on a sailboat
Grundgeschirr, dasGROUND TACKLEA collective term for the anchor and its associated gear
Hafen, derPORTThe left side of a boat looking forward. A harbor
Halse, die halsenJIBE, TOTo change the sailing direction by turning the stern through the wind
halsenGYBE, TOTo change direction when sailing in a manner such that the stern of the boat passes through the wind
Handlauf, derGRAB RAILSHand-hold fittings mounted on cabin tops and sides for personal safety
hart am WindCLOSE HAULEDA sailed course as close to the wind as possible
Hauptrumpf der ProaVAKAMain hull of a proa
Heck, dasSTERNThe after part of the boat
Heckbalken, derTRANSOMThe stern cross section of a square sterned boat
Heckkorb, derSTERN PULPITA sturdy railing around the deck at the stern
heckwärtsABAFT (aft)Toward the rear (stern) of the boat. Behind
Heckwelle, dieWAKEMoving waves, track or path that a boat leaves behind it, when moving across the waters
herausheben (ein Boot)HAUL OUTRemove a boat from the water
Höhe schindenPOINT, TOTo sail as close as possible to the wind
in StromrichtungSETDirection toward which the current is flowing
innerbordsINBOARD1) More toward the center of a ship 2) inside, a motor fitted inside a boat
Kabine, dieCABINA compartment for passengers or crew
Kalia, die (Ndrua)KALIA (NDRUA)Fijian voyaging canoe that was the largest and finest craft ever built by the Oceanic peoples, some as larges as 100' long. Technically, the Kalia is the Tongan copy of the Fijian Ndrua.
Kaltformverfahren, dasCOLD MOLDINGA method of bending a material into an appropriate shape without heating or steaming to soften the material first
Karabiner, derSNAP HOOKA metal fitting with a arm that uses a spring to close automatically when connected to another object
Kartentisch, derCHART TABLEA table designated as the area in the boat where the navigator will study charts and plot courses
Katamaran, derCATAMARANA twin hulled boat, with hulls side by side
Kausch, dieTHIMBLE?
kenternCAPSIZE, TOTo turn over
Kettenkasten, derCHAIN LOCKERStorage for the anchor chain
Kiel, derKEEL"1) The centerline of a boat running fore and aft, the backbone of a ship. 2) The underwater fin of a ballasted sailboat
Kielflosse, dieTAIL FINThe shaped area of the keel
Klampe, dieCHOCKA fitting through which anchor or mooring lines are led
Klappblock, derSNATCH BLOCKA block that can be opened on one side, allowing it to be place on a line that is already in use
Kleiderschrank, derHANGING LOCKERA locker big enough to hang clothes
Klemme, dieCLEATA fitting to which lines are made fast
Knoten, derKNOTA measure of speed equal to one nautical mile (6076 feet) per hour
Koje, dieBUNKA place to sleep
Kojensegel, dasLEE CLOTHCanvas barrier along the side of a berth to keep the occupant from falling out
Konstruktions- wasserlinie, dieBOOT TOPA painted line that indicates the designed waterline
Konstruktions- wasserlinie, dieDWLDesign waterline
kopfüber (kentern)PITCH POLEWhen a boat's stern is thrown over its bow
krängenHEEL, TOWhen a sailboat leans over due to pressure on its sail
Krebsscherensegel, dasCRABCLAWSpecific sail used for a proa shaped like a crabclaw
kreuzenBEATINGTacking - To sail against the wind by sailing on alternate tacks
Kurs, derCOURSEThe direction in which a boat is steered
Kurs, derTACKThe direction in which a boat is steered
Kurzkiel, derFINN KEELA keel that is narrow and deeper than a full keel
Laderaum, derHOLDA compartment below deck in a large ship, used solely for carrying cargo
Längengrad, derLONGITUDEThe distance in degrees east or west of the meridian at Greenwich, England
Langkiel, derFULL KEELA keel that runs the length of the boat, full keels have a shallower draft than fin keels
Lateinersegel, dasLATEEN SAILTriangular fore and aft sail with yard supporting the luff, native to the Mediterranean. Still used on Arab dhows, etc
Lateralplan, derLATERAL PLANE???
Lateralwiderstand, derLATERAL RESISTANCEThe ability of a boat to keep from being moved sideways by the wind
Latte, dieBATTENA thin strip of hard material, such as wood or plastic
Latte, dieBATTENA semi-flexible stick that is sewn into a sail to help maintain the sail's shape
Lattentasche, dieBATTEN POCKETSPockets in a sail where battens can be placed to stiffen the sail
leeLEEThe side sheltered from the wind
leegierigLEE HELMThe tendency of a boat to head away from the wind. The opposite of weather helm
Leesegel, dasSTUDDING SAILAn additional sail leeards to enlarge the sailarea ???
leewärtsALEEAway from the direction of the wind. Opposite of windward
leewärtsLEEWARDThe direction away from the wind. Opposite of windward
Leine als Schnecke gelegtCOIL, TOTo lay a line down in circular turns
Leine ausrennenRUN, TOTo allow a line to feed freely
Leine, dieLINERope and cordage used aboard a ship
Leinenstopper, derLINESTOPPERSA device used to keep a line from slipping, such as a jamcleat
lenzenBAIL, TOTo remove water from a boat, as with a bucket or a pump
letztes Stück eines SeilsBITTER ENDThe last part of a rope or chain. The inboard end of the anchor rode
Liektau, dasBOLT ROPEA line rope - sewn into the luff of a sail. The bolt rope fits in a notch in the mast or other spar when the sail is raised
Logge, dieLOGA device to measure speed
loseSLACKNot fastened, loose. Also, to loosen
lösen, einer SchotEASE, TO (the sheets)To loosen the lines that control the sails
Lüftungsrohr, dasDUCTSTubes used to move air, such as to ventilate an enclosed area
Lugger-Segel, dasLUG SAILA four-sided sail with a yard and boom, but without the luff attached to the mast. Traditional sail of English and French fishing boats
Luke, dieHATCHAn opening in a boat's deck fitted with a watertight cover
Luke, die PORTHOLEA window in the side of a boat, usually round or with rounded corners
Luke, die (nicht zu öffnen)DEADLIGHTFixed ports that do not open, placed in the deck or cabin to admit light
luvgierigWEATHER HELMThe tendency of a boat to head up toward the eye of the wind. The opposite of lee helm
Marlspieker, derMARLINSPIKEA tool for opening the strands of a rope while splicing
Mastfuß, derMAST STEPA piece from wood or metal in which the mast stands on deck
Mastrutscher, derLUGMetal or plastic pieces attached to a sail's luff that slide in a mast track to allow easy hoisting of the sail
Mastschiene, dieMAST TRACKA track or groove in the back of the mast to which the sail is attached by means of lugs or the bolt rope
Mastschuh, derMAST BOOTA protective cover wrapped around the mast at the deck on a keel stepped boat to prevent water from entering the boat
Masttopp, derMASTHEADThe top of a mast
mit dem Wind, vor dem WindDOWNWINDIn the direction the wind is blowing
MittschiffsAMIDSHIPSIn or toward the center of the boat
mittschiffsMIDSHIPApproximately in the location equally distant from the bow and stern
Mole, dieJETTYA structure, usually masonry, projecting out from the shore, a jetty may protect a harbor entrance
Moment, das aufrichtendeRIGHTING MOMENT ?
Mooring, dieMOORINGAn arrangement for securing a boat to a mooring buoy or a pier
Niedergang, derCOMPANIONWAYA small staircase/ladder which allows access to the hull interior
Notsegel, dasJURY RIGA temporary repair using improvised materials and parts
Öffnung zwischen Groß/FockSLOTThe opening between the jib and the mainsail
Ölzeugschrank, der WET LOCKERA locker equiped with a drain so that wet clothes can be stored in
Paddel, dasPADDLEA stick with a blade in the end of it used to propel a small boat through the water
Palstek, derBOWLINEA knot used to form a temporary loop in the end of a line
Pantry, die (Küche)GALLEYThe kitchen area of a boat
Patentreff, dasJIFFY REEFINGA method of lowering the sail in sections so that it can be reefed quickly
Peilung, dieBEARINGThe direction of an object, according to a compass
Pier, diePIERA loading platform extending at an angle from the shore
Pinne, dieTILLERA bar or handle for turning a boat's rudder or an outboard motor
Pinnenausleger, derHIKING STICKAn extension to the tiller allowing the helmsman to steer while hiking
Plane, dieCANVASTightely woven cloth used for sails, covers, dodgers and biminis
Planke, diePLANKINGWood strips used to cover the deck or hull of a wooden ship
Poller, derPILEA wood, metal or concrete pole driven into the bottom
Pram, derPRAMA type of dinghy with a flat bow
Proa, diePROAPolynesian outrigger sailboat
Profilschiene mit Nut (Rollreff)SAIL TRACKA slot into which the bolt rope or lugs in the luff of the sail are inserted to attach the sail. Most masts and roller reefing jibs use sail tracks
PüttingCHAIN PLATEA chainplate is a metal piece used to fasten a shroud or stay to the deck
PüttingeisenSHROUD PLATEA chain plate to which a ship's shrouds are fastened
Quadrant, der (Ruder-)QUADRANTA device connected to the rudder that the steering cables attach to
querabATHWARTLying along the ship's width, at right angles to the ships centerline
Rah, die YARDA spar used on square rigged or lateen ships, usually attached to the upper or leading edge of a sail
raumschotsBEAM REACHSailing on a point of sail such that the apparent wind is coming from the beam side - of the boat at about a 90° angle
rechtwinklig zum KielABEAMAt right angles to the keel of the boat, but not on the boat
rechtwinklig zur KiellinieTHWARTSHIPSAt right angles to the centerline of the boat
Reffkauschen, dieREEF CRINGLESReinforced cringles in the sail designed to hold the reefing lines when reefing the sail
Reffknoten, derSQUARE KNOTA knot used to join two lines of similar size. Also called a reef knot
Reling, dieRAILINGA fence arround the deck against falling overboard
Rettungsline, dieLIFELINEA line running between the bow and the stern of a boat to which the crew can attach themselves
Rettungsweste, dieLIFE VEST (or PFD)A device used to keep a person afloat
Rigg, dasRIGA combination of sails and spars
Rolle, dieCHEEK BLOCKA block with one end permanently attached to a surface
Rollreff- vorrichtung, dieROLLER REEFINGA system of reefing a sail by partially furling it
Rollsegel- vorrichtung, dieROLLER FURLINGA method of storing a sail usually by rolling the jib around the headstay or the mainsail around the boom or on the mast
Ruder, das (blatt)RUDDERA vertical plate or board for steering a boat
Ruder, das Riemen, derOARA long pole with a wide flat blade at one end, used for rowing a boat
Ruderdolle, dieOARLOCKA device to attach oars to a rowboat, allowing the operator to row rather than paddle the boat
Ruderschaft, derRUDDER POSTThe post that the rudder is attached to. The wheel or tiller is connected to the rudder post
Rumpf, derHULLThe main body of a ship
Rumpfquerschnitts- winkel (0º = Flachboden)DEADRISEThe measurement of the angle between the bottom of a boat and its widest beam. A 0º deadrise has a flat bottom, high numbers indicate deep V shaped hulls
Rumpfseitenteil, dasCHINEThe intersection of the bottom and sides of a flat or v-bottomed boat
Rumpfspant, der (Schott, das)BULKHEADA vertical partition separating compartments, also watertight, adding to the ship's safety
Rundtörn, der und 2 halbe SchlägeHITCHA knot used to secure a rope to another object or to another rope, or to form a loop or a noose in a rope
Saling, dieSPREADERSmall pars extending toward the sides from one or more places along the mast. The shrouds cross the end of the spreaders, enabling the shrouds to better support the mast
Salingstutzen, derTANGA metal fitting on the mast that the spreaders are attached to
Schiene, dieTRACK?
Schlauchboot, dasINFLATABLEA dinghy or raft that can be inflated for use or deflated for easy stowage
Schlinge, dieBECKETA loop at the end of a line
Schlingerleiste, dieFIDDLEA small rail on tables and counters used to keep objects from sliding off when heeled or in heavy seas
Schlitten, der (Schotschlitten)CARA sliding fitting that attaches to a track allowing for the adjustment of blocks or other devices attached to the car
Schoner, derSCHOONERA sailboat with two or more masts. The aft mast is the same size or larger than the forward ones
Schot, die (aktive)WORKING SHEETThe sheet that is currently taught and in use to control a sail. The opposite of the lazy sheet
Schot, die loseLAZY SHEETA line led to a sail, but is not currently in use (working sheet)
Schotdurchführung, dieFAIRLEADA fitting designed to control the direction of a line with minimal friction
Schothorn, das CLEWThe lower aft corner of a sail, that the sheet is attached to
Schotklemme, dieJAM CLEATA cleat designed to hold a lline in place without slipping
Schraube, die (Schiffs-)SCREWA boat's propeller
Schutz gegen SchamfilenCHAFING GEARTubing or cloth wrapping used to protect a line from chafing on a rough surface
Schwert, dasDAGGERBOARDA retractable board used to prevent leeway that protrudes vertically through the hull bottom
Schwertkasten, derTRUNK???
seefestSEAWORTHYA boat or a boat's gear able to meet the usual sea conditions
Seekarte, dieCHARTA map for use by navigators
Seemannschaft, dieSEAMANSHIPAll the arts and skills of boat handling
Seeraum, der freieSEA ROOMA safe distance from the shore or other hazards
Seeventil, dasSEA COCKA through hull valve, a shut off on a plumbing or drain pipe between the ship's interior and the sea
Segel dichtholenHARDEN A SAILTo make a sails camber flat for sailing close hauled
Segel, dasSAILAn extent of fabric by means of which wind is used to propel a ship through the water
Segelkopf, derHEADTop corner of a triangular sail
Segelschnitt, derSAIL SHAPEThe shape of a sail, with regard to its efficiency
Seitendeck, dasGUNWALEThe upper edge of a boat's sides
Seitenschwert, dasLEEBOARDBoard used to resist leeway that is attached to the leeward side of the boat. There are often two leeboards, only one used at a time. Common on Dutch yachts
shuntenSHUNT, TOTo change direction of sailing making the stern to the new bow, without tack or Jibe
Sicht-Navigation, diePILOTINGNavigation by use of visible references, the depth of the water, etc
Sitz, derSEAT???
Skeg, derSKEG???
Slup, dieSLOOPA style of sailboat characterized by a single mast with one mainsail and one foresail . Also see cutter
Spant, derFRAME???
Spannschraube, dieTURNBUCKLE?
Speigatten, dieSCUPPERSDrain holes on deck, in the toe rail, or in bulwarks or (with drain pipes) in the deck itself
Spiere, diePOLEA spar. Such as a pole used to position a sail
Spiere, die (Holm, der)SPARRigid tubular piece (mast, boom, yard, gaff) used to support sails and rigging
Spinnaker, derSPINNAKERA very large lightweight sail used when running or on a broad reach
Spleiss, derBACKSPLICEA method of weaving the end of a rope
Spleiss, derSPLICEThe place where two linelines are joined together end to end
Spring, dieSPRING LINEA pivot line used in docking, undocking
Stagsegel, dasFORE AND AFT SAILA sail were the wind can fall on either surface according to tack. The so-called Bolger and Gibbons sails are therefore square sails. The oceanic lateen Micronesian crab-claw) is a fore-and-aft sail.
stauenSTOW, TOTo put an item in its proper place
Stauraum, derSTOWAGEA locker, shelter to put things in
Stauraum, der kleineCUDDYA small shelter cabin in a boat
Stehendes GutSTANDING RIGGINGThe rigging of a boat that does not normally need to be adjusted
steif (wenig Krängung)STIFFA boat that resists heeling
steuerbordSTARBOARDThe right side of a boat when looking forward
Steuermann, derHELMSPERSONThe person who steers the boat
Steuerrad, das WHEELThe wheel to control the rudder
Steuerung, die HELMThe wheel or tiller controlling the rudder. Also the place on the boat where you steer
Stopfbuchse, dieSTUFFING BOXA fitting around the propeller shaft to keep the bearing lubricated and to keep water out of the boat
strakenSHEER, FAIRTo determine a curve with a sheer lath
Strebe, dieSTRUTA stiffening or supporting piece or member
Strickleiter, dieJACOBS LADDERA rope ladder, lowered from the deck, as when pilots or passengers come aboard
Strömung, dieCURRENTThe horizontal movement of water
Sturmfock, dieDROGUEA small sail flown in place of the jib under storm conditions
Sturmsegel, dasSTORM TRYSAILA very strong sail used in stormy weather
Stützsegel, dasSTEADYING SAILAlso stability sail or riding sail. Any small sail set to help the boat maintain its direction without necessarily moving
Süllrand, derCOAMINGA vertical piece around the edge of a cockpit, hatch, etc. to prevent water on deck from running below
Tabernakel, dasTABERNACLEA hinged support for the bottom of a mast so that the mast can be lowered easily when passing under bridges
Tau, dasROPETraditionally a line must be over 1 inch in size
Tau, das elastischeHAWSERFlexible steel wire rope, or fibre rope, used for hauling warping or mooring
Tide, dieTIDEThe periodic rise and fall of water level in the oceans
Tiefgang, derDRAFTThe depth of water a boat draws
Toilette, die (WC)HEADThe toilet and toilet room in a ship.
Toppmast, derTOP MASTA mast on top of another mast
Toppsegel, dasTOP SAILA triangular sail set above the gaff on a gaff rigged boat
Tragfläche, dieFOILA shape that is designed to create lift when moving through a fluid.
Trampolin, dasTRAMPOLINEThe coverage between the hulls of an open deck catamaran or between hull and amas of a trimaran. Usually a net.
Trimaran, derTRIMARANMultihull with two amas
Trimm, derTRIMFore and aft balance of a boat
Trimmfaden, derTELLTALEA small line free to flow in the direction of the breeze
Tripleine, dieTRIP LINEA line attached to the end of an anchor to help free it from the ground
über DeckALOFTAbove the deck of the boat, usually up in the rigging
überbordOVERBOARDOver the side or out of the boat
Überhang, derOVERHANG The area of the bow or stern which hangs over
überkommendes WasserAWASHWater washing over
Überwasserschiff, dasTOPSIDES"The sides of a ship between the waterline and the deck, sometimes referring to onto or above the deck
unbrauchbares TeilFOULEDAny piece of equipment that is jammed or entangled, or dirtied
Unterliekstrecker, derOUTHAULA line used to tension the foot of a sail, used to maintain proper sail shape
unterwegsUNDER WAYship in motion, ie. when not moored, at anchor, or aground
unverstagtUNSTAYEDA Mast not fixed by shrouds and stays. Same as free-standing
Verbindungsträger, derCROSSBEAMStructure that connects the hulls of a multihull.
Verbindungsträger, des(bei Multihulls)BEAMConnection between hulls or Hull and Ama eg. with a pipe???
Verdränger, der DISPLACEMENT HULLA type of hull that plows through the water, displacing a weight of water equal to its own weight
Verdrängung, dieDISPLACEMENTThe weight of water displaced by a floating ship, thus, a boat's weight
Verzierung, dieBRIGHTWORKVarnished woodwork and/or polished metal
Vordersteven, derSTEMThe forward most part of the bow
Vorliek, dasLUFFThe leading edge of a sail.
Vorpiek, dieFOREPEAKA compartment in the bow of a small boat
Vorsegedreieck, dasFORETRIANGLEThe space between the mast, the deck, and the headstay
Vorsegel, dasHEAD SAILAny sail forward of the mastmast
Vorstag, dasFORESTAYStay (wire) that attaches the masthead to the bow
vorwärtsAHEADIn a forward direction
Vorwärtsfahrt, dieHEADWAYThe forward motion of a boat. Opposite of sternway
V-Rumpf, der V-BOTTOMA hull with the bottom section in the shape of a V
Want, derSHROUDA rope or wire running from the mast to the sides to give lateral support to the mast
Wasserlinie, dieWATERLINEA line painted on a hull which shows the point to which a boat sinks when it is properly trimmed
Webleinen, dieRATLINESSmall lines tied between the shrouds to use as a ladder when going aloft
Webleinenstek, derCLOVE HITCHA knot for temporarily fastening a line to a spar or piling
Wende, die (wenden)TACK, TOTo change the sailing direction by turning the bow through the wind
Widerstand, derDRAGThe resistance to movement
Wind, der wahreTRUE WINDThe speed and direction of the wind
Winde, die WINDLASSA mechanical device used to pull in cable or chain, such as an anchor rode
windwärts, luvWINDWARDToward the direction from which the wind is coming
Winsch, die WINCHDevice to roll up a sheet or halyard with a gear
Wirbel, derSWIVELA rotating fitting used to keep a line from tangling
Wölbung, die (aero, hydro)CAMBERThe curvature of an object such as a sail, keel or deck
Yacht, die YACHTA pleasure ship, a pleasure boat
Yawl, dieYAWLA two mastmasted sailboat with the shorter mizzen mast placed aft of the rudder post
Zeising, derGASKETTies used to tie up the sails when they are furled

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