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Corsair Dash 750 Mk2


Baujahr: 2013
Preis: € 49.900,-
Zusatzinfo: The coolest Dash on earth. Special light, carbon tuned. Way lighter and faster than the new 760.

per Mail oder Telefon +4520443320, Martin Møller Thorsager

Special carbon optimized made lighter (995 kg) and faster than any other Corsair Dash or Sprint. Comes with 2 new North 3di sails, trailer 2013 EU certificat, new Yamaha engine, 100w solar and lithium battery, gps, ais, vhf, carbon daggerboard, carbon rudder and cassette, carbon boom, carbon bow, carbon popup top, all dyneema rope, new panty and many other improvements. Always taken home and stored indside. This is a boat like new.


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Ready to be trailed anywhere, need only 1400 kg tow car.


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Anfragen an:
Martin Møller Thorsager
Hans Bachs Vej 10
7700 Thisted

per Mail oder Telefon +4520443320


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