Proa P8

Proa P5 - Production

A proven design, it deserves to be pursued. The small proa P5 has proven in recent years as fast sporty boat. In the Multihull Forum P5 sailors have given their experiences, which are worth to be implemented. I will further offer the plans for free on the Internet, but not everyone is a self-builder.

Hence I have used the contact to a composite specialist and let him calculate P5 as a sandwich construction. The calculations have shown that the entire boat (without rigging and sails) can be produced at a weight of about 40 kg. With mast, spars and beams made of carbon, the entire boat is still less than 50 kg. Hence transportation on a car roof is no problem.

The result of these investigations is a good price for the ready to sail P5, if a small series of 3-4 boats would built. I can make all Proa fans following offer:

Sportproa P5

Length 5,0 m, Width 2,6 m, Weight 50 kg, Sail area 12 m²

Offering price : € 3.950,-

(It's also possible to order only parts, like hulls and platform)

Who was interested in the offer or have further questions, please send me an  email. If we get enough orders untill end of may 2013, production starts.

Links of P5:
Multihull-Forum, then "Proa" and "P5"
Description and plans
Reto Brehms self-built P5 in action