How to order a cruising proa

All know, that in our world are living only two groups of people: Sailors and Designers
Most of them are 'Sailing Designer' oder 'Designing Sailor' - and the Proaists are the most extreme species of all. For these people I can now offer a simple way to get their individual boat: How to order a cruising proa:
You have the choice between several million combinations...

Basic Dimensions
Offered are:
Daysailor for 2 Persons8-10 m0,5-0,75 t
Daysailor for 4 or Weekender for 2 Persons10-11 m0,75-1,0 t
Daysailor for 6 or Weekender for 4 Persons12-13 m1,5-2,0 t
Cruiser for 2 Persons12-13 m1,5-2,0 t
Cruiser for 4 Persons14-15 m2,5-3,5 t
Liveaboard for 2 Persons14-15 m3,0-4,0 t
Special requests Ama

Lenght in % of the VakaDisplacement in %
of boat
100 %100 %you better look for a cat?
100 %50 %by request with water ballast
(alcoholic fill extra)
100 % smaller 25 %massively log (very cheap)
75 %25-50 %by request with water ballast
50 %50 %water ballast and/or vector finn
kleiner 50 %kleiner 25 %only with vector finn/bruce foil possible
Special requests Rigging

(Marconi) Sloop rigYLuff sails, second head stay
Schooner rigY/NTwo masts, surf booms available
Aero rig/Balestron rigNadditionally stayed
Other rigY/N all possible
(For testing, also with polytarp sailcloth deliverable)
Special requests Steering

Daggerboard rudderin a box or a drum
Bow rudderswing vertical or lateral with a hinge
Quarter rudder(starboard type)mechanical or hydraulic (naturally kick up)
Steering oarput from the bow or lateral
Special requests Leeway

Asymmetric hull -
Daggerboard(s)in the Vaka and/or in the Ama
Leeboard (s)one or two
Daggerboard ruddersee above
Keelwhy not? (for drinkwater, battery, etc.)
Special requests Capsize Prevention

Support hull leeward(please buy a trimaran)
Lee pod(hard or inflatable)
Watertight mast(s)with buttress to windward
Turnover rigwith shock cords
Turnover akasmechanical or hydraulic
Special requests Cockpit

Middle of vaka2 companionways, 2 sprayhoods
Windward of vaka1 or 2 companionways, sprayhood
Bows of vaka2 companionways, 2 sprayhoods
Middle of amaSprayhood or better a plexi dome

Don't ask for prices, we only ordering. Payment or building was never to discuss.